Thursday, 26 July 2012

On Being Average and Dark Forces and Thanking God

I am in a writing mood, so I thought I would touch upon two things quickly.

First; why "average joe?" What makes me average?

A lot Satanists tend to live alternative lifestyles. There are some fairly strange folks in the "collective", some who very outwardly express themselves. The archetype is a familiar one, one which was common among the classiest of the bunch; the suit wearing mysterios, the real visual movers and shakers. All of this is appropriate when done properly, and is truly a fantastic exercise in Lesser Magic.

Why I consider myself average, is because I practice the "Popeye effect." I yam what I yam. Externally and internally, I am essentially the same; there is not much dark and hidden about my personality, except for some of my more extreme political and philosophical viewpoints. I am certainly empathetic towards the plight of others, but realize that it is out of my control to do anything; thus, I have a very "might is right" adherent philosophy on life. This is nasty, and most people don't understand, or outright detest it. I hide it behind my sense of humor, so I can get away with it; that is my own magicians tool, comedy. I try to have a self-deprecating slant when I feel something I am saying is too extreme, and that helps tremendously also. I know what to say, and who to say it too.

So when I call myself average, I merely mean it in the sense that, were anyone to come into my home, they would construe me as being such. I wear Eddie Bauer and Wal-Mart. I am simple looking. I don't have arcane objects scattered around my house, unless you consider the odd pair of dirty socks to be sacred and forbidden; I just consider them to be a deadly weapon when used in the wrong hands. I like cheap things, though I can recognize things of greater value. I am not above eating the odd box of Kraft Dinner like every other Tom Dick and Harry, whereas many discerning Satanists would likely raise their nose at this. (And rightfully so, it's fucking shit. But I grew up on cheap boxed, freeze dried noodles.) I live, largely, as a prole; I have no desire or need for wealth, as it would only be wasted on foolish things. My most prized possessions are my books, and a few other trinkets. On the whole, fairly average, wouldn't you say?

As far as dark forces go...

The word Satan is used primarily for it's connotations and how it us understood in the world abroad; Satan is the great accuser, one unwilling to bow down on bended knee before oppressive ideologies. Satan represents the ultimate freedom of mans carnal nature, and everything the philosophy does nurtures man kind, raises him up rather than crushing him down.

As far as dark forces go, my view on this is quite simple; Satan represents the dark forces of nature, but that doesn't mean there is polarity. If nature is a dark force, since it is exclusively the only force you could externalize and attach a symbol too, I can't think of any "light force" as it were. My own ideology accepts the fact that nature is everything, that man relies on the laws of nature. Satan is the polar opposite of white light ideologies which have no basis of evidence to prove their existence. All in all and quite simply; implying that Satan represents "dark forces" means that it represents a rejection of falsities and untruths, and embraces the only thing we know to be true; survival of the fittest as our prime mover, self-preservation as the law of every living creature, not just man. It doesn't represent some hidden, sinister, unconscious energy, it is simply a reflection of what we know to be real, and nothing more. There is nothing esoteric about the statement, in other words, and it does not need further interpretation; this point is made clear to begin with. The only real "hidden" things Satanism represents are those which we do not have a real scientific understanding of at this point, which are referred to as "magic". Whether that is Lesser Magic, the direct manipulation of other people, or Greater Magic, the suspension of disbelief and use of dogma to create a state of catharsis and rid us of an excess of negative emotions, neither of these things are thought to come from some evil power looming in the background. We simply don't have enough scientific evidence to prove the legitimacy of the powers of Greater Magic one way or another, and that is why it is simply referred to as "magic"; it works wonders for those who practice it, but like not knowing how a bicycle works, they cannot explain the machinations behind it. Period.

So when I say things like "oh my god" or "thank god", I am not referring to the big man upstairs; obviously I can't be, since I don't believe an entity called God actually exists, and therefore do not pray to him. God to me might as well be the same word as Satan; in the same way that Satanists say "Hail Satan", when they are de facto saying "Hail myself" or "Hail carnality", using god as a common figure of speech might as well mean the exact same thing. Satanists make themselves the gods of their own subjective universe, so in reference to any god, whether it be God, Satan, Thor, Buddha, etc, they would by proxy simply be recognizing themselves. The reason I bring this up is because I have seen Satanists who refuse to use the word "god" in common speech, choosing rather to "thank Satan" even though, in normal human conversation, the word god has become as common as "there" or "shit" or "and". It is just part of English slang more than anything else, so it sounds incredibly dumb to me when people choose the inverse; it's unnecessary and awkward sounding, but that is just my opinion.

This reads like a butt fucking bunch of gobbledygook, but it's been on my mind a bit lately. That's why I'm dumping it here like a wastebin; I want it off of my brain so I can think about better things, like sex, bacon, and panda bears, and not necessarily in that particular order.

 And definitely not in relation to one another either; that would be plain weird.

Alright, that's better.

So I have had some time to think about this whole thing. I think it is important I keep a blog just as an emotional outlet. Right now, I am working on two books, I am writing as much as I can for Destructoid, and you know, babies and stuff. But I have no real way to "vent" as it were, apart from Facebook where I have to keep it vanilla. So here is my morning coffee outburst.

Fucking mother shit fuck, I can't believe how stupid _____ are.

There that feels better.

Anyways, I am going to restructure the blog; not very hard. I don't think the index has any real use for anything. There are nearly as many topics as there are letters in the fucking alphabet, so forget it; let's just do this the old fashioned way, shall we?

I am sick of abandoning things when I run out of ideas, so I am going to get back into the game. Consider this both a contemplative blog, and one where I share new things. Speaking of which...

I am working on two fictional books simultaneously, for the first and probably last time ever.  They are both quite bizarre, and different from one another.

One is in the form of Anne Frank, or Zlata's Diary, except it's better because it's about aliens. An animal behaviorist goes to another planet to study a bizarre race of non-hostile lifeforms called the Nitrix. He studies their strange, co-dependant lifestyle and quickly realizes a horrifying truth; under their somewhat calm exterior lies a vicious hierarchy of cutthroat, intelligent creatures who accept he and his team as one of their tribe, meaning they must live by the rules of the Nitrix and abandon their human notions of ethics and morality.

The other one is more simple, and a little more optimistic. I'm writing it for my daughter; it's called A Girl Learned to Fly. Quite simply, it is about a girl who lives with her father. After he he gets in a near fatal accident and discovers he is drying, the girl sinks into a depression. She stumbles upon a secret about herself; that with a bit of willpower, she can actually make herself fly. As long as her head is clear of emotion and grief, she can float into the air at will. In between her complicated life and visiting her dying father, she uses her power to escape from reality, going higher and higher each time. She soon meets a boy with the same power as her; one who has since abandoned all responsibilities and emotions to exercise his new gift. They go on adventures together each night but the girl realizes she is starting to ignore everything, including her dying dad, and her power starts to fade with this sobering realization.

On at least one of these projects (there is a third, but being a collection of essays, it entirely depends on the quality of the material I write elsewhere) I have a friend interested in contributing art work. He is also a member of the CoS incidentally, so time permitting, there should be a decent collaberation there.

All in all, my goal is simple; to get as much work done as possible, period. I have wasted too much time on other things in my life, and really want to work hard to fulfill my one and only goal; to be a successful writer. Nothing should be easier, right?

The first two books are going to be self published. I am going to get a few things under my belt before I get really serious about putting manuscripts of any kind out in the wild. My first book was a fucking disaster and would never have been looked at by anyone serious. I am putting a lot of effort into the next two, and it is going well.

Also, Oh Land.

This woman is absolutely beautiful, in terms of her voice. My fucking God.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

An Aside

I am just trying to work out what my real goals are with this blog so far. It almost seems redundant in a way to have a blog about being a Satanist; I am one anyways, so anything I blog about is from that perspective. Until I can collect my thoughts on this and figure out if it is relevant, I'm going to take a short little break. Just so no one wonders where I am, if indeed anyone is reading it.

I will be back absolutely, what I am considering is more of a tweak than a complete overhaul. I am also doubting the necessity of the "index", because I think it is making me feel as though I need to decide on topics before hand, rather than classifying them after; as if such classification is necessary for anyone but me and my OCD compulsion to categorize and organize everything in a meaningful way.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

R - Some "Satanists"

It's pretty easy to dislike most Christians; it's a hell of a lot easier to absolutely loathe most so called "Satanists."

I am not talking about members of the Church of Satan, or those who follow or at least understand the work of Doctor LaVey. I am talking about everyone else; and I've been talking about them way too much, so not only will this be my final post about this bottomless pit of vapid subject matter, it will also showcase a wide variety of idiots who would be first in line in my own personal gas chamber if I were to someday run the world.


In this video, the dark prince of hamburgers and chili cheese fries talks about how he yelled at people in a moving car like the brave soldier of hell he is and made himself look like a moronic dipshit. The biggest problem with this video is not that he is a loudmouth pea brained idiot with no manners; it's that some muscle bound Jesus freak didn't find him and tear his asshole inside out for being such a degenerate, gluttonous waste of life

I have no idea what this woman is talking about, and I think she would be better of going back to Rustys Tavern to finish off "happy hour wing time" instead of making another video. I think I saw her at an Alice Cooper concert hitting on eighteen year olds one time.

I wonder what city this "documentary" is set in? I'm just, y'know, trying to figure out where to drop the first bomb once I get me some. Not related to Satanism but just flabbergastingly bizzare and awful.

 Sorry guys, he's kinda high. Better reign in hell than to serve in hea- hur hur, sorry, sorry...I just thought of something funny...oh man I got the pasties right now

Yeah guys, the Church of Satan is all about getting together and discussing ideas...unless it is the internet, which is a perfectly viable tool for long distance communication and has served to aid in the creation of projects among like minded members and- nah, fuck it, forget I said anything. What I don't get is where the impression comes from that all of a sudden High Priest Gilmore has his fingers in the business of each individual member and what they choose to do. Wherever these morons are getting their information is beyond me, but I guess they wouldn't know since they aren't "part of the program" and haven't contributed anything of lasting worth themselves, apart from dull headed YouTube clips of them parading in front of low resolution cameras. 

The Church of Satan operates today exactly as it always had; all you have more of these days are jealous retards who are too immature to accept the existence of an organized entity representing Satanism as codified in the works of Anton LaVey. And thanks to the good old internet which they apparently lament, they are able to get together and do less and less than they ever would have apart, resulting in a deep chasm of mediocrity from which none of them will escape....

...and which someone should hit with a nuclear bomb, although you wouldn't want to waste any precious plutonium on those morons.

Oh and by the way this is by no means an exhaustive list of the retardation you can see on a daily basis on YouTube and abroad. The biggest sadness is that I wasted a half hour watching these stupid videos; time to go do something productive to clean the dirt off.

Friday, 6 July 2012


I made the mistake of punching Satanism into Google today just to see what would come up. Apart from the obvious Church of Satan website and affiliates, I saw no less (and this is not hyperbolic) one hundred million different forums about Satanism, the occult, devil worship, etc, plus a few videos of idiots talking about how the big, mean old CoS has "changed" and about how their own new organization is superior in every way.

Yes, that's right. A guy in a Yankees cap who clearly lives in an apartment was talking about how the CoS is outdated, how his new organization was superior, and how the CoS could affiliate with him if they wanted. And this garbage is everywhere.

The thing about Satanism I have learned over the years is that you can't get jack shit by "talking" about it. All of these vapid windbags who spend their time chatting it up about the philosophy are blowing smoke out of their asses. Not one of them seems to come close to a real understanding of what the philosophy means; if they were, they'd be practicing it actively.

Places like LttD and...LttD...are the only exception to this rule. There is actually very little time spent yakking about Satanism itself; it is a playground, nothing more. Some extremely profound things have been said, sparks lit up, about other greater topics there, which of course directly tie into the philosophy in a meaningful way. But there are no endless threads discussing (from a completely uninformed and shallow point of view) the makeup of the organization, or the people who have left it, etc.

Oh no, so Jack Malebranche and Rex Church have apparently resigned! And like the end of a Batman episode: is this the end of the Church of Satan? First off; fuck no, of course not. The ideas are there for anyone to become acquainted with regardless of any actual organization in existence. As long as their are copies of The Satanic Bible, there will be Satanists; period. But secondly, even though members may abandon their affiliation over time because their own personal views have changed over time, who gives a fuck? It's just more idiots treating the CoS like some cult of personality, and the questions of "I wonder who will follow them along?" are just as irrelevant as discussion about them leaving in the first place; let the followers of these people go, if they are that easily swayed, if the reason they ever affiliated in the first place was because they worshiped some personality within the membership, who wants them? Just another slew of green eyed hamsters looking to stand on the shoulders of someone who has achieved more than they ever could, and nothing more.

Hell, I even feel like writing this is a waste of time. I know "finding" any of those websites certainly was. If I never spoke to a single other member of the CoS it would be completely irrelevant to what I am doing, and to what my worldview was. Even if the entirety of humanity was wiped out by a holocaust and I was the only one left in the world, I would still consider myself a Satanist, because applying that label is something I do for myself, personally. I do it because I am in agreement with every single aspect of The Satanic Bible, because nothing else has come along which is superior, and which better describes my personality type.

I can say in no threatening manner (as if the CoS would care anyways, and they shouldn't) that if something more accurate came along, some identifier which better described me, I would gladly apply it to myself instead. Because it isn't about belonging, it isn't about socializing, and it certainly isn't about community. The people I have met through the Church, the very very few who I work and correspond with and have in the past, are people who I would do so with regardless of their status and membership. It certainly helped that LttD was around for me to meet them, but I would love to know them regardless.

What I would never do though, is make a YouTube video of me "quitting" like a pretentious cuntbag asshole, pretending that someone actually cares, or simply just trying to get the attention of other idiots who would actually get a kick out of that sort of thing. I am not interested in communicating with other people in an attempt to get perpetual metaphorical hand jobs. I am also incredibly selfish when it comes to metaphorical hand jobs. I don't do internet reach arounds!

Bottom line; there are no "rules" in the Church of Satan just from the perspective that, if they ever FEEL like "rules" that you risk "breaking", you should probably take a look at yourself and really try to understand why you feel that way. And if you feel like maybe you are struggling with some second thoughts, or that the philosophy is not something you are in agreement with, it is a hindrance FOR YOU, as an INDIVIDUAL, to be mistakenly trying to apply Satanism to yourself. If I ever read a single word in any of the canon Satanic literature that I say "no, this is wrong" to, that's it; membership privately rescinded, and the name if this blog will be changed to "Guy Who Is Pissed Off About Everything And Fuck You."

I'll still be a social darwinist, I'll still love the book Might is Right, I'll still adore Doctor LaVey for the work he did in his lifetime; but I'll be a fan, not a Satanist, and I will be honest enough to outright admit it without taking a shit on the carpet and throwing myself out the window.

That is a standard everyone should hold for themselves just as people who are honest about who they are, and that is why folks have left in the past, and will in the future. Sometimes it takes a lifetime of introspection to really understand who we are, and how we really look at the world; and it always, always, takes a boatload of honesty to get there.

R - Satanic Shame

There is a very good reason to feel shame if you are a Satanist; and it has nothing to do with indulgence - quite the opposite, really.

It is shameful to be ignorant, dangerous to be stupid.

The people who are satisfied with television, popular music, and the idiot culture which is so pervasive in North America should feel bad about themselves. The people who spend all of their time playing video games, doubly so.

People are, or should be, naturally curious; about EVERYTHING. It is actually in our nature. But a life of mental brainwashing and chemical corruption has ruined this for entire generations. It has in turn, made people defective, useless, perfect candidates for a worldwide "bridge jumping" contest, where the only winners are everyone else who has not let this loathsome, toxic garbage infect and ruin their minds.

I think anyone who considers themselves a Satanist and is not aware of this shit to the point where they avoid it completely, or at least enjoy it in small, controlled doses (and with an air of snobbery too, since it really deserves nothing more than a smirk from anyone with half a fucking brain) should feel like shit about themselves.

A Satanist should strive to be a master in their chosen interests and obsessions. They should strive to do these things better than anyone else. Anything that gets in the way, especially something as worthless as cable TV or Xbox, should be as scraps thrown to the dogs. The dogs are the only ones with a taste undiscerning enough to devour them.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

N - "Cruel" Punishment

Remember, N is for NEWS. NEWS. This isn't a racial thing, that just happens to be an unsurprising, oh-so stereotypical coincidence.

Man to serve 162 years in prison for first offense

Quartavious Davis is still shocked by what happened to him in a US federal court two months ago.
"My first offence, and they gave me all this time," said Davis, a pudgy African American with dreadlocks who spoke at the Federal Detention Centre in Miami. "Might just as well say I'm dead."
Davis was convicted of participating in a string of armed robberies in the Miami area in 2010. His accomplices testified against him, saying he carried a gun during their crimes and discharged it at a dog that chased them after one of their burglaries. But Davis was not convicted of hurting anyone physically, including the dog.
Somewhere out there a tiny violin is playing for this man.

 "Just as the Supreme Court recently held that the Constitution bars taking away all discretion from judges in sentencing juveniles to life imprisonment for committing murder," said the lawyer, Jacqueline Shapiro, "so also is it cruel and extreme to allow unfettered prosecutorial discretion to force a sentencing judge to impose a life sentence on a teenage first offender convicted of lesser charges".
 An eighteen year old adult who repeated his "first offense" six more times.

When he was arrested on December 23, 2010, Davis was an unemployed high school dropout living with an aunt in Goulds, Florida, a poor, predominantly black neighbourhood south of Miami.
According to expert testimony at his trial, Davis suffers from a learning disability and bipolar disorder.
At the time of his arrest, he says he was living on $US674 a month in Social Security disability payments and hoping to get back into school to learn a trade.
 Yeah, the drug trade maybe.

Although he has no alternative explanation, Davis cannot accept that that is the real reason he will have to die in prison.
"There ain't no justice in the justice system," he said, gazing down at his olive-green prison jumpsuit and beige rubber sandals.
"I ain't going to never accept what happened," he added. "They know what they did isn't right."

Actually this is one of the few times where it has been proven that there is justice in the system. "I ain't going to never" is a double negative by the way, you lowlife piece of shit. It's just too bad his worthless existence will be a continuous drain on the prison system; a bullet would be cheaper.

I only wish that more worthless criminal dirt bags would suffer similarly for their abject idiocy, irresponsibility, and lawless behavior.

Rot for life, shithead.